Be precise, we have no compelling evidence that any dinosaur reached 200 tonnes nor for that matter conclusive evidence of even 100 tonnes. But there are legitimate tantalising hints lost and destroyed partial fossils of sauropods that could conceivably have got that heavy. I wouldn rule it out..

No incidentals, no ID needed, no credit card needed, and clean quiet rooms with good cable TV and HBO. And incredibly I never once had to deal with addicts, pimps, or alcoholics next door staying up all night. Nowadays the cheap properties are always noisy and full of sketchy people, and paying $100 a night is pretty much necessary to avoid that crap..

P. GRIFFIN: They declined, saying that it wasn’t a matter of life and death. And Courtney said, this drug is going to kill me. Poll respondents were much less likely to support harsh punishments for marijuana use than for domestic abuse. Just 5 percent backed a lifetime ban for a football player caught using pot, while 16 percent backed a full season suspension. A majority supported lesser penalties: 29 percent said suspension for a few games, and 28 percent said no punishment or a fine..

The Scorn are, indeed, Fallen, according to the Bungie stream. Basically, Cayde’s been tossing a bunch of bad guys in a prison, they formed gangs, called themselves “the Scorn” and broke out, we have to take them out. I think that’s. Public distrust of the medical profession was extreme in the widespread panic that doctors were deliberately killing cholera victims in order to keep their bodies for anatomy work.12The second powerful set of images concerns human sentience in the dead. Here too, we find the report and particularly its reporting conflating the notion of retained organs as, of course, biologically human, with the idea that they might be imbued with some (poorly specified) fundamental human nature. Even the language used risks this confusion sometimes the term “human” is used to imply “belonging to a certain biological species”, on other occasions it signifies humanity, personality, consciousness, culture, individuality human in a social, emotional, and spiritual sense.A Lancet editorial on Alder Hey, for example, told readers that “stored material should be reviewed regularly, and anything not being used with dignity for a scientific or educational purpose should be disposed of in an acceptable way, not left to languish unattended”.13 Can anything that is not sentient languish? And what defines dignity in the use of a pathology slide? There is a further echo of this in the BMJ editorial of the time, which speaks of organs “unexamined and uncared for”.14 It is arguable that inanimate things can be the proper recipients of care but the more usual use of the term would imply the imbuing of portions of a dead body with personality.Similarly, in the light of the Alder Hey report, the CMO recommended that “for tissues and organs donated for teaching, families should be invited to prepare a ‘life book’ on the child (or adult) who has died”.15 His contention was that the book “would be shown to students in conjunction with the tissue or organ used for teaching”.