Obama saw the results as a product of national impatience. “People are frustrated they’re deeply frustrated with the pace of the recovery,” he told a news conference on the day after the election. But he acknowledged that the voters apparently did not see the government as the way to quicken it.

We have an update now on a story that’s been going on for years. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, five men imprisoned there are accused of plotting the September 11 terrorist attacks. The military commission that is to try them meets only infrequently.

It was thus when David Cameron took Francois Hollande to the Swan Inn in Swinbrook, and when Tony Blair took George W Bush and Lionel Jospin to the Dun Cow in Sedgefield. China’s President Xi Jinping who has requested a fish and chip meal during his visit to the UK can surely expect similar treatment. “There’s the usual range of beer, the staff look a bit bored, the TV is on with the sound turned down, chart music is blaring.”.

Winning the lottery is exciting, but also exposes you to unique risks. When you step forward to claim a big prize, it’s newsworthy, it’s a public event and unless you take specific steps to protect yourself there’s no way to escape the publicity and loss of privacy. Almost all lottery programs publish the identity of people who publicly claim the prize due to the open records or sunshine laws..

“He can use undercover tactics. He could be a journalist, or photojournalist,” Thorne says of VOM’s typical fieldworker abroad. “In an Asian country, for example, a fieldworker works with a humanitarian aid agency.” To communicate with operatives, Thorne creates code words.

To every “DJ” on here that says that these gigs are boring, I am really sorry to hear that you find your own DJing boring. Someone wants to pay you to throw down in a no pressure scenario, and you think that is boring? Chances are the people listening to you are bored too. Perhaps you should take up another hobby..

Go for it, the build quality alone is worth it over a Windows laptop. That thing will last for another 4 years (guessing here) at least if you take care of it. My macbook air from 2013 was still working perfectly last year (aside from the battery life) and I sold that for $400 last year.

I finally found my “fuck it” point and enlisted in the military and it about 1000x better than that shithole ever was. I get more fulfillment and general life enjoyment as a fucking piece of government property than I ever did as a corporate retail slave. Sometimes taking a pay cut and doing something just a little less shitty makes all the difference..