You don’t hear much about them, but there are at least four American hostages in the hands of terrorists in Syria. They were captured in the civil war, which has killed an estimated 120,000 people and left an estimated 4 million homeless. Few know the suffering of Syria, and the suffering of the American captives, better than a 35 year old New Yorker named Matt Schrier.

It credentialing and certification. If you are a professional involved in the production of news media, you adhere to certain standards of quality in your work/products and abide by a basic code of ethics. A board or council or membership organization typically administers a test to ensure competency and understanding and may have eligibility requirements to even sit for the test..

We push for confirmation. We look for other sources. We reach out to those closer to the story. No one wants to be the square who hates rock ‘n’ roll. And no one wants to be “establishment” in the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton quickly distanced herself from the label when Bernie Sanders used it against her in the last presidential debate.

RAY: Hi, thanks a lot. I think the move that Yahoo is making here actually makes a lot of sense for who Yahoo is, in terms of the company. And it has a lot to do with the culture. Yorkshire terriers typically make great companion dogs and will live somewhere between twelve and sixteen years and weigh under seven pounds full grown. If you think you might be interested in getting a “Yorkie” you should keep in mind that while small, this particular breed of dog needs a lot of attention and a lot of activity. They have long hair that sheds a bit, so you will need to be committed to daily grooming.

Many leading Democrats in Washington are furious with the administration for intervening in a transition of power that they have been attempting to manage for weeks. Obama, they argue, has actively undermined party organization by diverting resources to his own organizations, after appointing a disastrous DNC chair in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D Fla.)..

He’s a former presidential candidate and a Fox News contributor and former Governor of Arkansas. Great to see you, Governor. So this was an electric moment at the convention last night. Every day, I have to, to do a better job. And that my responsibility to the game, to the NFL, and to what I see as society. People expect a lot from the NFL.

Firstly, the Joint Understanding of Offsetting, launched in 2016, will be discussed. This introduces the ‘pay as you publish’ model as a transitional pathway for the agreements. Secondly, this paper proposes a set of recommendations for article workflows and services between institutions and publishers, based on a draft document which was produced as part of the 2nd ESAC Offsetting Workshop in March 2017.