Holy shit that is so terrifying and I’m so glad it wasn’t any worse!! I live in the city and fantasize about moving to the suburbs on an hourly basis but the main thing that scares me is the constant driving. It’s just not something I’ve done a lot of (minus vacations and when I visit my hometown we’ve done long road trips and stuff too but it’s not a regular part our daily lives) with my child and distracted drivers scare the shit out of me. Anyway health and quick healing to your son! And to your nerves too.

As for who build Suomenlinna by far most of the work was done by Hmeenlinna and Pori brigades that took turns on the largest construction site in the Nordics of the 18th century. The plans were done by Augustin Ehrensvrd. Can still be found from Suomenlinna.

Suzan van der Lee, a seismologist atNorthwestern University,noted that earthquakes are not the only phenomenon that can trigger seismic signals. “Though these occurrences are not common, it’s definitely not the first time this sort of mass joy was recorded by a seismometer,” she said. “It can happen for special events that are so big that mostly everyone at least locally unites in celebration, such as during this World Cup game or when an underdog wins the Super Bowl.

More than a decade has passed since a Florida judge tongue lashed Correctional Services Corp., Slattery former company, during a hearing convened to probe widespread complaints of violence at one of its facilities two hours north of Miami. Juvenile Judge Ron Alvarez was so horrified by the descriptions of that particular institution a fetid, graffiti covered jail called the Pahokee Youth Development Center that he compared it to a World country that is controlled by . Some type of evil power.

I will pray for everyone tonight. If you believe in God pray for me also. Thank You!. But funding to combat them has been cut back. WILLIAM J. RONALD J. As the Bears try to rejuvenate their offense, the Vikings will have to rebound from a tough loss. Minnesota will play its first game since losing rookie running back Dalvin Cook to a torn left ACL that will cost him the remainder of the season. Cook rushed for 354 yards in three plus contests..

Things are more expensive when you poor because you less likely to pay. If you look at this from the poor person perspective it seems deeply unfair. If you look at this from a service providers perspective it obvious, you take a lower profit level from a reliable customer over a slightly higher profit level from an unreliable customer..