So, after less than three years, a dream in a French wood is taking physical form in Sussex. The building will, technically, be used as offices, but it is really a show home with kitchen and bathroom, proving to England that these things can work. A smaller, similar project in Scotland will add weight to whatever evidence emerges from this experiment..

At last count, there are two kangaroos for each person living in Australia, or nearly 45 million kangaroos in all. They bound over open spaces and roads alike, and as their population increases, so has the chance of colliding with cars. In 2016, Australia insurance agencies reported over 5,300 kangaroo related claims, but that is likely an underestimate just one wildlife rescue group that routinely retrieves joeys can receive that many calls in a single week..

Democrats decided the fate of Joseph Lieberman, the independent senator who caucuses with their side. Lieberman faced punishment for his strong support of John McCain during the presidential race. And as NPR’s David Welna reports, today Democratic senators fell in step with President elect Obama’s calls for unity, and they gave Lieberman only a light slap on the wrist..

Gibbs said the administration officials will discuss school violence. He said the crime has captured the concern of President Obama, who is headed to Copenhagen Thursday evening to support Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. “Obviously, it’s of great concern to the president, as somebody who’s lives in Chicago but would would and should be a concern for every American,” Gibbs said.

One awkward piece of unfinished business on Capitol Hill is the ethics case against a veteran Democratic congressman. Today, eight members of the House Ethics Committee are scheduled to start what’s called an adjudicatory hearing in plain English: the trial of New York’s Charles Rangel. But there are problems.

Jeju is bigger than you probably think it is. It takes like an hour to drive from the northern part near the airport to the southern part of Seogwipo. By bus it will take you almost 2 hours. But 2016 was chaotic. At the end of the previous year, Onfroy was charged with home invasion robbery and aggravated battery (in March 2017, he pleaded no contest to the charges and received probation, according tocourt records.) According to New Times, his relationship with Ayala also began careening from one violent episode to another. Ayala told New Times on one occasion Onfroy threatened to assault her with a barbecue fork and a wire barbecue brush..