I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend the day with ESPN as the Monday Night Football train came rolling into Philadelphia this week. Throughout the day, we’ll take a look at one of the largest traveling shows in sports for the biggest program in cable television history (well, the cast of High School Musical was unavailable, so we’re stuck with football). It’s quite a production..

The change would, however, lead to less hassle for the tourist who forgot to take her knife off her key ring and less wasted time for the screener who must do the hassling. Opponents charge that the opposite could be true; instead of just confiscating knives, TSA agents might have to measure blade lengths. Yet if X ray screeners were allowed simply to let items that are obviously pocketknives pass through, that would surely result in fewer time consuming secondary bag inspections.

Luke states he is a Jedi, like his father before him. And yet, we know from the trailer, probably, (I say probably because who knows what the context is), he is ready to abandon his position and end the Jedi order. In my mind, this does not reflect well on his mental state.

Also, in this thread, there are Texans bringing up multiple instances of cars hitting houses which then led to gas explosions, all in the last year, asking which one this video was from. This seems to be an abnormally common event in Texas. I doubt all those cars hit house go boom were driven by illegal immigrants who were denied licenses by the state of Texas, rather, there something goofy about how people drive combined with houses that are more prone to exploding when hit by cars compared with other parts of the US..

Couple things here. One, liberals aren far left, they are moderate left. The people you are describing sound like the kind of people that hate liberals, the kind of people that frequent r/ShitLiberalsSay or r/LateStageCapitalism for example. The second plaintiff, Allen, worked at AT Mobility retail stores in New York City starting in late 2012 before transferring to a Las Vegas store in April 2017. When she became pregnant in March 2016, she sought information about excused absences and FMLA under AT Mobility’s attendance policy. She saidher questions were met withhostility..

State white share continues to decline. FRANK CLIFFORD and ANNE C. CAROL J. I aimed my pistol right at his chest and made and imaginary line in my head that once he crossed I would have to pull the trigger. I was praying he wouldn’t cross that line. I couldn’t even begin to explain the feeling.